And life but an orchard
Of cherries to pluck
 – Wilfred Gibson

Celebration! Life! Special occasions call for special menus. Classic dishes with a little twist. Comfort foods. The wow factor -a raw bar, craft beers, a chocolate extravaganza.  All combine to form the perfect whole that satiates, sparks and pleases your guests. Family traditions, heirloom recipes, favorite restaurant dishes add to the charm of the evening. The table then reflect its hosts perfectly.

First comes quality of ingredients– homemade stocks, Reggiano parmesan, virgin olive oil and freshly pressed garlic. Belgian chocolate and La Colombe coffee. Next comes technique. Peachtree dishes are cooked ‘a la minute,’ to order, and served expeditiously to your guests. Last—presentation and style, with food as delightful to the eye as to the palate.

Take your time perusing our menus and our gallery of images. Both demonstrate our pursuit of perfection in the art of the culinary and the craft of the event. Please enjoy!