The Parque Story

Elegant. Classic. Hopelessly romantic. Parque is both old-growth forest and old-world charm. The Hunting Hill Mansion was built by the Jeffords family in 1915 around a 1789 Pennsylvania stone farmhouse, the core of which still exists today.

The architectural style of the park itself is based on the Hunting Hill Mansion-house, a large English-Tudor style mansion whose gray stone façade is repeated on structures throughout the park. The original Hunting Hill property owners also maintained approximately 2,000 acres of lawn and forest including several formal gardens, horse stables and trails, which can still be seen today throughout the park grounds.

Just twenty-five minutes from the Philadelphia airport and right outside Wilmington, city life feels a world away. The park is situated in the Brandywine Valley, comprising parts of both Delaware and Pennsylvania. This is home to the world-renowned Longwood Gardens, inspiration to the Wyeth painters, mushroom capital of the world, and location of seven wineries.

The meandering Brandywine River is the heart and namesake of the area, where George Washington battled the British and the DuPont family made gunpowder. During the 18th century a small village known as Sycamore Mills existed within the area that is now the 2600-acre Ridley Creek State Park.

Pat Furey Photography