Full-service planning

“First we eat, then we do everything else.”

— M.F.K Fisher

We do want your guests to eat well! But if the directions are wrong,  or bartenders are few and far between, if the band isn’t clued in on the timeline or the seating chart isn’t legible- then what?

Party planning isn’t whisper down the lane. It’s on paper, it’s reviewed, it’s veted, it’s accomplished.

Vendor recommendations. New trends. Old traditions. Check.

Thirty years of this.

You can trust us implicitly to carry out your vision. In fact, you can trust us to improve on it. We are constantly refining and exploring and learning something new about our industry each and every day.



Floor plans, timelines, seating charts and etc. One of the things we love most about owning our own venue is the unifying force of Peachtree Catering and Events. Your event isn’t simply this florist plus this DJ plus this color. We see the big picture. The planning is organic and the event is a unified sum of its parts .After meetings with you we set up a shared document with all of the party notes, and we review everything at many stages along the way to make sure the planning is seamless and clear.

Know that everyone’s planning journey is a little different!! Some like to talk about floor plans and decor first and simply cannot focus on the menu quite yet. Others care most about the music and dancing. Foodies cannot wait to talk menu. Many are most eager to discuss linens and colors. We will take our cue from you. And if you’re a little behind in your planning, we’ll give you a call and gently encourage you to come in for a meeting!

As boutique caterers we’re eager to know what is most important to you, and cater to your vision. Share your concerns (even your anxieties!) with us. This is a big day and you are investing in it – your time, your money, your emotions, your focus.  We take that seriously. We too will invest our time and attention on your party, and listen closely. It’s likely you’re doing this for the first time. Let us help you!


Rustic, modern, vintage, glam- all work. Parque is neutral in tone, its finishings of wood, glass, beige stone crowned by a beautiful garlanded white plaster ceiling.  Because it’s so beautiful, so elegant, the simplest appointments might do very well– white china, neutral linens in floor-length spun cotton, tables (round and/or long) and chairs (champagne gold chiavari). The windows are a great place to put candles or florals, and the window sills look wonderful with some throw pillows. You may want to switch things up a bit- opt for some color, a specialty linen, some market lights.  Or not. We can discuss all this when we meet.

Photo credits: Pat Furey Photography, Siousca Photography